Techno-Mythopoeia Cosmogonic 3D Environment @ V2

March 2021

19th March, 18h-19h for the second iteration of the Techno-Mythopoeia Cosmogonic tour series, participants will navigate an online myth-making game platform, traversing the mythical cosmography of the ‘next generation’ 5G network.

Through a mix of video work and a 3D game environment, the narrators will techno-mythologise the geophysics and geopolitics of 5G. The narrators and participants will interact through an embedded Jitsi stream as they are guided through the space, accompanied by a soundscape that is composed live. Together, they will conjure multidimensional cosmograms to re-envision electromagnetic frequencies as a planetary network of potentialities

The project is an expanding collaboration, currently including Guillemette Legrand, Vincent Thornhill, Filip Setmanuk, Joleana Shurley, and Jim Zweerts.