Bryan Arias and Nederlands Dans Theater 2

September 2016

Choreographer Bryan Arias invited me to compose for his upcoming work …in frayed edges for Nederlands Dans Theater 2, as part of the series Up & Coming Choreographers.

Dance has the inherent capability of effectively staging a sense of temporal awareness. Arias centralizes this metaphysical idea of time: an always passing and ever present precondition of our understanding of life and the universe that surrounds us.

For this work I composed a piece with material merely extracted from a surgery recording. Sound transformations were applied on different time scales, varying from bigger rhythmical blocks to the inner microstructures of the sounds. These variations are exposed in a playful, non-chronological order creating a Lynchian network of transformed memories.

Performed 30 september till 5 october at Korzo Den Haag

Bryan Arias Company
Nederlands Dans Theater

Bryan Arias and Nederlands Dans Theater 2
Bryan Arias and Nederlands Dans Theater 2