Jim Zweerts is a sound artist and electronic music producer based in The Netherlands. He creates immersive soundscapes and montage music, but also collaborates with professionals from a wide range of fields, such as dance, theatre, installation art and cinema. His work plays with the symbiosis of contrasting elements and approaches towards sound: algorithmic processes vs minuscule handcraft, associative and club-oriented sounds vs more abstract structures, playfulness vs formalization. Zweerts graduated from the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

low arts club interview & mix

For livesets, collaborations and sound design inquiries contact:
jimzweerts [at] gmail [dot] com
+31 642242093


New FLUQS track(s) on WANNAMARCHI.CLUB’s Summer Expo 2020 casette, London

FLUQS A/V pilot at ZST Live

Soundtrack for Eric Peters’ choreopoetry project ‘Economy as Intimacy’, Ufer Studios Berlin (Postponed)

New track with videoclip by Waterballet (Postponed)



February 7, 2020 : TEC ART Overkill Festival, WORM Rotterdam

November 23, 2019 : A Grey Space Weekend, hosted by Radio ñ, The Hague

October 18, 2019 : INDEx / 25 jaar Radio Tonka, The Hague

April 20, 2019 : Radio ñ, The Hague

February 12, 2019 : INSOMNIA SESSION on Radio Tonka, Den Haag FM

September 21, 2018 : TodaysArt x Azimuth, with visuals by Mark Ridder, The Hague

April 21, 2018 : INDEx, visuals by Mark Ridder, The Hague

October 21, 2016 : Dutch Design Week, with Institute for Applied Motions, Eindhoven

November 10, 2011 : Ephémère, live electronics with Martijn Barendregt and Payam Shahali, Studio LOOS

October 21, 2011 : Test:Extra, live electronics and interactive installation
with Martijn Barendregt, at Nutshuis Den Haag

2008 – 2010 : Several multi-channel pieces at CASS and Sonology Concerts, Royal Conservatory, The Hague

Commissioned works and collaborations

April, 2020 : Sound design for Vincent Thornhill and Guillemette Legrand’s podcast Bodies of Resonance,
Envisioning 5G Network Formation

May, 2019 : Soundtrack for desktop documentary Deep Breathing by Denise Jansen and Nicolai Schmelling

May, 2019 : Sound design and mix for Jeremias Monnerat’s short film De Boze Buurman, at RITCS, Bruxelles

June 16, 2018 : Sound installation for textile sculptures by Lotte Ooms at Electriciteits Fabriek, The Hague

May, 2018 : Sound design for Jeremias Monnerat’s recut of short film Het Getij by Maarten van Vliet

April 6, 2018 : Soundtrack and sound design for Anne Fehres’ premiere of Sakura: An Archetypal Journey,
Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

November 30, 2017 : Soundscape for installations by Aura Rendón Benger and Leslie Nagel, PIP, The Hague

October 2017 : Soundtrack for video presentation by Studio Smelt for Dupont, at A+A Beurs, Dusseldorf

September 17, 2017 : Composition for Angela Fegers’ choreography The Dogs of Berlin, at Euro Solo, Leipzig

August 24 – 25, 2017 : Soundtrack for Angela Fegers’ choreography The Dangers of Spring,
Let Me In Festival, Berlin

August 19, 2017 : Sound design for Mischa Daams’ video artwork Origin: Sustained, at Atonal Berlin

August, 2017 : Soundtrack for Anne Fehres’ Teaser #1 for Sakura: An Archetypal Journey

July, 2017 : Composition assistance for Philip Vermeulen’s Physical Rhythm Machine / Boem BOem

May 12 – May 21, 2017 : Sound design for Mischa Daams’ video installation Origin: Sustained,
Fiber Festival Amsterdam

April, 2017 : Soundtrack for Enrichers Promo Video, Eindhoven

April, 2017 : #TVclerici by Design Academy Eindhoven, Salone del Mobile, at Palazzo Clerici, Milan
> Music and sound design for i.a. Edan Gorlicki, Anastia Kubrack, Nadina Botha, Marie Caye, Floriane Misslin, Louisa Zahareas

January, 2017 : Soundtrack for Anne Fehres’ Teaser #0 for Sakura: An Archetypal Journey

September 30 – October 5, 2016 : Composition and sound design for Bryan Arias’ in frayed edges
for Nederlands Dans Theater 2, at Korzo Theater, The Hague


March, 2020 : FLUQS track Kighin on Non/Being’s Certified Reality compilation, Montreal

August, 2019 : FLUQS tracks concrete and fluqs on WANNAMARCHI.CLUB’s Summer Expo 2019 casette, London

July, 2019 : FLUQS’ remastered Exqod on SoulFeeder’s EAposting #4 compilation

July, 2019 : FLUQS track Kamaga for Biodiversità Records’ Digital Diagenesis compilation , Italy


September, 2019: FLUQS mixtape and interview for Low Arts Club, London

May 26, 2017 : Organisation and production for Nederlandse Filmnacht Den Haag, at Filmhuis Den Haag

March, 2017 : Collaboration with Institute for Applied Motions and Ziggy Pictures for Skin // Fluqs videoclip,

October, 2016 : Production and line-up for Museumnacht Den Haag Official Afterparty, at Filmhuis Den Haag